Im Nisha. I'm so excited to share my art with you. I hope that they take you on a journey into the mountains and fill you with a sense of joy. Thank you again for coming, and I hope you enjoy your visit!

To mindful and community-oriented individuals who invest in their joy, Nisha Fine Art provides meditation-inspired works that evoke a sense of optimism and encourage viewers to savor the present moment.

  • "I love Nisha’s approach to art, because it’s so original in both color and design! She puts cheerful and joyful energy into all of her art and that is reflected on her beautiful pieces. From Aspens, splatter paint, animals and more, Nisha's bright and energized paintings bring happiness to all who view them. I’ve purchased her aspens. They are gorgeous and make me happy every time I look at them. I highly recommend Nisha Fine Art!"

    - Brie

  • "Words cannot describe how much I love this beautiful piece of artwork! I have a special place in my heart for Aspen trees, and when I saw Nisha's work, I knew I needed to have one (for maybe three or four!). This particular piece spoke to me so much. It reminded me of a recent hike I took with my daughter, Sammi, from Maroon Bells to Crested Butte. I love the color of the Aspens, the mountains with snow in the background. I asked Nisha to create this work of art as a gift to her and her fiance. They needed a good size piece over their dining room table and this is just perfect! I can't wait for the one she's doing for me! So excited! Thank you Nisha! XOXOXO"

    - Sally

  • "This paining is so beautiful. I don’t have enough words to describe it. I love the early winter and the mountains are gorgeous. These aspen trees are incredible, I love the details in the leaves and bushes. Every time I look at this painting it brings peace and happiness. Everyone that has seen it has beautiful things to say! Nisha was a pleasure to work with. And I look forward to work with her again!"